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Hello again.

2015-05-15 07:34:42 by idoKi

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Can't belive I'm back here again at Newgrounds. Fuckin' epic.

I've been here back in 2010~2011, and I watched some of my very very old work. I can't describe the feeling.


Well, I hope that I am back for good here.

Maybe I'll even get back on animating stuff. Who knows.

I finished!

2010-10-15 14:10:19 by idoKi

I finished my animation!
bloody combat 1.
lave a comment!

new heder!

2010-06-15 12:09:12 by idoKi

what dide u say abuot my new heder?

new heder!

crappy test

2010-06-14 16:34:34 by idoKi

i was bored:
hereclick me!
with sound.
have fun


2010-06-14 15:16:50 by idoKi

hi dudes!
mybe i'm new here,but very old in madness.
yes,krinkels is owsem!
i have a big madness progect:
madness combat :"hanks` reternd".
yea,yea-what a sukesh name.
here a picture of my prigct: